How to play PS1 on PC, using emulator ePSXe

This guide step by step will teach you how to play Playstation I (PS1) on PC, using the emulator ePSXe, this is the best emulator for ePSXe.

Emulator requirements

Processor: Pentium 3 with 1 GHz or better
RAM Memory: 712 MB de RAM or mores
VGA: need suport OpenGL, DirectX, or Glide
Operational System: Windows or Linux
CD-ROM: 16x or more (optional)

Let's go now to guide step by step:

1º Step: if you don't have any file archiver (for read .rar, .7z, .zip) or if you in doubt, download: for windows 64 bits download here (7-zip 64bits), for 32 bits or if you in doubt download here (7-zip 32bits).

2º Step: latest version of the emulator and bios, we recommend que the following site: (because you can enjoy and see the other emulators options), download ePSXe, you will need a bios file too.

3º Step: Choose a folder, (in my case, I just chose desktop) and click with right button, go to 7-zip and choose the option "extract here".

sorry this pic is in portuguese (i will change soon)

4º Step: (Attention: If you downloaded in roxroms well probable that bios is already in correct folder) . Do the same with bios that you downloaded, the file name is , extract the files and put in folder "bios" inside of your emulator ePSXe folder.

folder for put the bios for ePSXe
folder for put the bios for ePSXe

5º Step: If you downloaded in roxemuladores, so the plugins video is already at correct place. We can go now to the next step.

Bios configuration of ePSXe PS1 emulator
Bios configuration of ePSXe

- Open the file "ePSXe.exe"
Go to the option "Config" and "Wizard Guide"

- In next screen click again in "config >>",
and in next screen choose the plugin, could be "SCPH7001.bin"or any other.

- In next screen is about video plugin, choose one of those "Pete´s" (like in the picture bellow), click in next again (remember that you can change this plugin at any time, going in config).

 video plugin configuration of ePSXe
 video plugin configuration of ePSXe

- Now is about Sound Plugin, you can choose "ePSXe SPU core", and click in next again
- Now is the cd-rom plugin choose any one, and click in next again
- Now is controller configuration, click in "controler" for configure it, in this screen you configure the buttons of your keyboard or you game pad, for change this look at image bellow, click in controoler 1 or 2 and configure it.

configuring control plugin of ePSXe
controller plugin configuration of ePSXe

That is it, we finished the emulator 's basic configuration, you now have two options to play a CD , or a file that Is the PS1 game , usually extensions are BIN and ISO , but may be another, remember that most ISOS / BIN ps1 , comes in compressed files , so you need to extract it would be a very similar process to Step 3 , take a look it's easy .
To find your game search the web site where you downloaded the emulator , but remember you need to have que the original game , in order to have the file on PC.

6º Passo: When you already have the game , you have two options if the game is on CD drive of your PC , choose cd -room , if it is a BIN or ISO file on your pc then choose ISO. (See in the image below):

ePSXe ready for emulation

Finished, if the ISO file is , just go to the folder where you extracted your game and open it.
Good fun !

Download the last version 2.0.5 of ePSXe in or here in webmundo

Best configuration of ePSXe 1.9.25:
See advanced Guide about ePSXe and learn the best configuration for the emulator.

Last update: 03/06/2016

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