Download of Playstation Emulators (PS1) for PC

We chose the three best emulators for Playstation (PS1 / psx) for PC (Windows, Linux e MacOS), we evaluated and put links to Download. It is worth you have three on your pc.

ePSXe 2.0.5

This emulator in our opinion is the best Playstation emulator for PC on Windows, Linux and MacOS platform, is emulating with greater accuracy and quality, your emulation is even better than the original video game. For its work, you need to use the bios.
Want some help setting up? Check out our tutorial ePSXe by clicking here.

ePSXe emulating Chrono Cross of PS1
ePSXe emulating Chrono Cross
Precision and quality in emulation
Multiplatform (works well on Windows, MacOs and Linux)
Continues to receive updates

Windows: Download 2.0.5 (in uploaded)

Download (in uploaded) - Download 1.9.25 (in uploadable)

Download ePSXe 2.0.5 for other platforms:
Linux: Download (x64) - Download (x86) - MacOS: MAC-OS x64 - Android: Download (playstore)

Rating: 9,7

pSX Emulator 1.13

This emulator is very good too, as ePSXe need bios, although its quality and game compatibility is very good, ePSXe is still higher. But it's worth your download.

Continues to receive updates

Download (in rapidgator) - Download (in uploaded)

Rating: 9,0

Emurayden 2.2

Emulates very well, although it never made as much fame as the ePSXe, there was a time that was as good as ePSXe, but unfortunately stopped receiving updates, and ended up staying behind. It is extremely easy to emulate PS1 with him, nor bios need to set up and is available in portuguese-br, english and spanish. Check out our tutorial Emurayden by clicking here.

Emulator of PS1 Emurayden
Emurayden emulator (Portuguese)
easy configuration

It was discontinued and no longer receives updates

Download (in uploaded) - Download (in uploadable)

Rating: 8,7

If you want to see other options to emulate PS1 as: Pcsxr, AdrilPSX, SSPSX, PSXeven, or want to see other options link to download, or yet another opinion about the emulators, visit:

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