segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

Earn money with downloads: File Sharing

The not so long ago, you having a download site was expensive, host files was something expensive and traffic was severely limited, times have changed (and the tendency is to continue improving) and now you are paid to put their files on the Internet . The site RoxRoms.Net tested the best hosts files available on the market: 4Shared, Anysend, BitShare, Cloudzer, EasyShare, HotFile, FileServe, FileSonic, Filevice, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Rapidgator, Uploaded, Uploadable. Click the name to enter the site, let's see:

4Shared: Easy for the user (downloader) with little restraint, well organized for the uploader but with a limit of 200mb per file, not pay per download of your files..
Advantage for the downloader: 7,0
Advantage to the uploader: 6,5
Financial advantage: 0,0
Total: 4,5

BitShare: Site easy for the user (downloader) but can only be downloaded every 10 minutes, the server is sometimes unstable for uploader, pays for downloads and gives some rewards and you can easily upgrade for a premium account.
Warning:  They are facing problem since december/14, so we remove him the title of best File Sharing, for a while. 
Advantage for the downloader: 6,5
Advantage to the uploader: 8,0
Financial advantage: 8,5
Total: - (they are facing problems)

Mediafire: For user is the best site downloader, good speed, can make simultaneous file downloads, but do not pay anything for download. Unfortunately they will not think two times before deleting your account, if they find some copyrighted files.
Advantage for the downloader: 9,0
Advantage to the uploader: 8,0
Financial advantage: 0,0
Total: 5,7

Uploaded: If you are European or North American, probably, you never find better choise, uplodaded is really great. Pays up to 40.00 €.
Advantage for the downloader: 6,5
Advantage to the uploader: 8,5
Financial advantage: 8,0
Total: 7,7
Uploadable: The upload is easy to use, and the FTP is amazing. Pays in Paypal. You can trust in uploadable. So good as uploaded.
Advantage for the downloader: 6,5
Advantage to the uploader: 9,0
Financial advantage: 7,5
Total: 7,7

Rapidgator: They are good, but they are always deleting files.
Vantagem para o downloader: 6,0
Vantagem para o uploader: 6,5
Vantagem financeira: 7,0
Total: 6,5

Rapidshare: It was better in the past.
Advantage for the downloader: 5,0
Advantage to the uploader: 3,5
Financial advantage: 0,0
Total: 2,8

The following file sharing are disabled or just closed: Anysend, EasyShare, HotFile, FileServe, FileSonic, MegaLoad, MegaUpload, Oron. And unfortunelly, probably Bitshare.